Wibx ICO

Wibx is the cryptocurrency that will revolutionize the exchange relationships.

What is Wibx about?

Wibx is the utility token that aims to revolutionize the exchange relationships between brands and consumers, transforming social networks users into digital influencers. Wibx is the native token and the mean of exchange of the WiBOO platform, a sophisticated and well-structured ecosystem that offers new perspectives for the conventional marketing strategy models, such as sales activation and customer loyalty, using the blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

WiBOO presents the concept of “SHARED, RECEIVED, PURCHASED, EXCHANGED”: users are rewarded in Wibx for sharing in their social networks campaigns and offers that brands publish in the ecosystem. Users will be able to use the earned Wibx to buy goods and services in the WiBOO marketplace, or convert their coins into fiat money or other cryptocurrencies in an exchange.

The platform provides market data with unprecedented efficiency, in addition to collaborating with digital inclusion in an accessible and open model. All with clear and easily auditable statistics: blockchain rule establishes that all transactions will be tracked and recorded in a universally accessible ledger distributed with historic proof, which fights execution fraud during digital engagement and other stages of currency circulation through an immediate validation, settlement and low costs processing.

What are the value drivers behind the token price of WIBX?

The main value driver behind WIBX token price is the demand for the goods and services that can be bought with WIBX.

Wibx ICO Review and Analysis

Review and analysis of Wibx by ICO analysts:


  • The distribution of funds and tokens of the project is solid taken into account the nature of the project
  • The project has attracted a large group of advisors to help it become successful
  • The big idea behind the project aims in mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, which would bring great value to the industry

Potential concerns

  • The hardcap of 50M usd seems too high from investor’s point of view
  • Some of the team members were not connected to the project on LinkedIn at the time of the review
  • The project has a very small community support at the time of the review, although it’s expected to grow towards the end of the token sale

What is the value proposition of Wibx?

Wibx is the cryptocurrency designed for mass usability. The token will be used as a reward for digital engagement actions, as well as a mean of exchange for goods and services, collaborating with the virtuous circle of the ecosystem appreciation: the more tokens offered to consumers as a reward for sharing offers and products, the greater the brand activation results will be. The more Wibx a consumer has earned, the greater their purchase power for goods and services made available on the WiBOO platform. And the more advertisers receive Wibx in exchange for goods and services, the more tokens they will have for advertising, offering it back to consumers in the ecosystem. In order to achieve the goal of being the first cryptocurrency for mass usability, the WiBOO platform has been design to process over 2,000 transactions per second.

The WIBX token

  • Token symbol: WIBX
  • Total supply: 12 000 000 000 (12 billion)
  • Whitelisting: No
  • ICO end token price: 0.034 USD
  • Token distribution
    • 28% Token sale for consumers during ICO
    • 37 % Token sale to companies, can be only used in the platform
    • 27 % Company partners, advisors, consulting firms, influencers
    • 8% Internal reserve fund
  • Fund distribution
    • 45% Marketing/ Business Development
    • 20% Personnel/ Professionals
    • 20% Development
    • 10% G&A
    •  5% Others
  • Dates
    ICO START: November 1, 2018
    ICO END: February 25, 2019

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