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Could this 2,800 years of age sculpture reveal us the face of a scriptural king?

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An exceptionally unspoiled 2,800 years of age sculpture, believed to be of a scriptural king, has actually been found in the ancient city of Abel Beth Maacah in northern Israel.

This small, elaborately sculpted sculpture was found by Mario Tobia, an engineering trainee from Jerusalem. He discovered it in a big structure at the acme of the ancient city, which is understood for its many referrals in the Hebrew Bible.

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Credit: Gabi Laron

A small representation of a special past

The glazed ceramic sculpture is of a guy with long, black hair and a beard. He is using a yellow and black headband, which pulls the hair far from his dark, almond-shaped eyes.

At just 5.1 cm x 5.6 cm, this small head is believed to have actually become part of a little statuette, inning accordance with archaeologists. At complete size, the statuette would have been around 20 cm x 25 cm.

Teacher Robert Mullins from Azusa Pacific University’s Department of Scriptural and Spiritual Research studies is likewise co-director of excavations in the ancient city. He stated: “ In spite of the head ’ s little and harmless look, it supplies us with a special chance to look into the eyes of a celebrity from the past– a previous preserved in the Book of Ages[the Hebrew Bible] ”-LRB- *******).


Whom does the sculpture portray?

Considered That it was discovered inside exactly what is believed to be an administrative structure at the city’s peak, it is most likely that the sculpture is of an elite individual. The very first presumptions have actually been that it was a scriptural king; though Mullins and his group have yet to carry out the required research study to show or negate this theory.

So if it is undoubtedly a king, whom would it have been?

Credit: Gabi Laron


Power has a hard time in Abel Beth Maacah

In the early phases of research study, the group carried out radiocarbon dating on the natural products that were discovered in the exact same space as the sculpture. Inning accordance with the findings, the item would have been built a long time in between 902 BC and 806 BC.

The control of Abel Beth Maacah varied significantly throughout this duration. This is down to that it sat at the border of 3 different kingdoms: Israel, Tire and Aram-Damascus. Borders were altering constantly, leaving Abel Beth Maacah to be under the jurisdiction of various countries.

Taking possibility into account, Mullins believes the sculpture might portray among 3 possibilities: King Ahab of Israel, King Hazael of Aram-Damascus, and King Ethbaal of Tire. Nevertheless, there are lots of other prospects, he has actually stated.


Future research study to validate identity

The sculpture will be shown at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, while the researchers are releasing a paper on the discovery for the journal Near Eastern Archaeology.

Excavations at Abel Beth Maacah are carried out by Azusa Pacific University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Signing Up With Teacher Mullins are Naama Yahalom-Mack and Nava Panitz-Cohen, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. They will continue to organize excavations of the big structure into summer season 2018.

Archaeologists are confident that brand-new details will occur to figure out the identity of this mini sculpture.

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