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Akilos project (ALS) ICO

Akilos has Created an Application Network for Betting Services. By decentralized Network and Using Artificial intelligence, it Creates Direct Communication Between individuals and Reduces Costs. It also has a Platform, Utilizing Artificial intelligence, that has created a Safe Environment for Fair and Direct Deals.

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Ferrum Network (PUR) ICO

Ferrum is a fast interconnectivity network designed for decentralized financial applications. Ferrum brings blockchains together and enables fast and inexpensiv

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ExcaliburOS (XOS) ICO

Excalibur Operating System, which will solve the issue of mining as it has built-in mining management feature so user can mine cryptocurrency by their own, It also solves the problem of Viruses and Data Theft by its unique method of data security system, and additionally it solves second major issue of System users in […]

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