About Us

Bittabi was created for & by
a diverse set of net junkies
who need dalliance to be additional
than just a waste of your time.

Bittabi may be a premier microorganism publisher, serving up funny, cute, moving, and engaging stories to over forty million readers a month across its network.
We have one goal: Fight tedium. Unfold happiness.

Doesn’t matter. Either way, we’re creating our readers’ happier on a daily basis. Whether or not it’s a funny list of images, a moving story, or a video of the way to build bacon-wrapped bacon…wrapped in bacon-wrapped bacon…we’re here to form being higher.

It may sound sort of a lofty claim, however don’t worry, we’re realistic regarding it. We tend to don’t build being higher at the extent of food shelves and faculty scholarships. We tend to build being higher like knock-knock jokes and deep-fried cheese curds.

Our squad loves outlay their time making funny and earnest stories, videos, and image compilations on a daily basis, and that we don’t simply finish their tedium, we tend to replace it happily.
That’s what it all comes right down to every one’s — happiness. It’s why we tend to do everything we tend to do — to feature simply slightly additional cheerfulness to the planet. Whether or not it’s one thing as little as making a 10-second video for Facebook or one thing as massive as ensuring consecutive person to affix our squad is obtaining their dream job, we’re asking one question:
Does this unfold happiness?
If the solution is affirmative, then we’re in… Let’s do this!
Our Team

“Surround yourself with those that you wish and build air-conditioned stuff with them.
In the end, what you are doing isn’t aiming to be nearly as fascinating
or vital as United Nations agency you are doing it with.”

Bittabi is go past a completely remote squad unfolds across the planet. A number of United States of America haven’t met face to face, however we’ve become friends and an excellent squad by constant chatting.

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Bittabi Team :))